100 High Street

is ‘The Stove’ building:

  • a multipurpose arts venue that holds events including live music, film, theatre, dance & public art.
  • a cultural attraction bringing more people to Dumfries and breathing new life into the town centre for locals and visitors alike
  • a place of opportunities for young people and others in the town to learn new skills and gain experience
  • an HQ, meeting place and information point for arts and culture in the region
  • a place to discuss and imagine the future of the town.

The Stove is open Monday-Friday, from 8am to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 5pm, with later opening hours for specific events and activities.

‘Café Stove’
The public social and catering space on the ground floor of the building is central to the vision for 100 High Street as an accessible arts space for the general public and as a meeting place for the creative and local communities.

The ‘café Stove is more that just a café….it is an essential part of the activity and mission of The Stove it will offer additional benefits for the town ..eg late night opening to bring activity to the town centre and be an integrated part of Stove projects particularly our Food Strand with pop-up food evn=ts around food education and local producers etc.

We commissioned Open Jar Collective (artists from Glasgow who use food in their work) to help develop the vision for the ‘café’ space. Through an open tendering process, Angela and Colin Green have been selected to run the Stove café space in partnership with The Stove Network, providing a regular open door at The Stove, and providing support for Stove events.

Occasionally Café Stove will be part of large Stove events (eg conferences etc) and may not be open to the public at these times – we will give notice of these times and apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Office/Studio Space To Let
There are spaces for rent in The Stove – these are aimed at small creative business/arts organisations (they are unlikely to suit as traditional artist studio spaces)  Please contact info@thestove.org for more information or drop in and see us at 100 High St.

Space Hire for workshops/meetings
We hire out areas of the building for workshops and events, etc. If this is something you are interested in, it would be very useful to hear the kind of ideas you have for using the space. Please contact info@thestove.org for more information or drop in and see us at 100 High St.