The Stove Network seeking new Curatorial Team member

By April 17, 2015Opportunities

The Stove Network is seeking a new member of the Curatorial Team, based in Dumfries
We are an artist-led organisation based in Dumfries, using art projects to build connections and opportunities within communities. We believe in the ethos of non-hierarchical collaborative working, and that the quality of the process is as important as the quality of the outcome. We are one of only three arts organisations in the South of Scotland awarded Regular Funding by Creative Scotland.

What we do

1. Work with artists, young people, local people and groups to make public art events and activities in Dumfries
2. Run premises at 100 High Street, Dumfries as a fully accessible public arts space/facility/resource for the population of the town and the wider region
3. Build national and international connections for the arts in South West Scotland
4. Support a network that creates opportunities and connections for the creative community and integrates with our local economy and wider society

The opportunity
This is an opportunity to join a challenging and innovative creative team and work as part of a growing and dynamic organisation. The Curatorial Team is, in effect, the collective artistic director of The Stove. The team oversees all the creative projects – and delivers some of them. There are currently four members of the team, all bringing varied experiences and talents, and all with equal status within the group. We are interested in applications from people who work creatively in any discipline (Geography? Philosophy? Visual Art?)
This opportunity comes at a key moment in the evolution of The Stove Network – we are just moving back into our refurbished premises at 100 High Street Dumfries and joining the CT is a chance to be part of shaping the physical environment of the building and laying down the foundations of how the organisation works in this new phase.
The opportunity is initially for 4 months (part-time), but would ideally lead to a longer-term commitment, subject to mutual agreement. We see it as a chance for you to contribute your expertise and work collaboratively in shaping and developing the organisation and its projects.
We are looking for someone who shares our commitment to the importance of creativity for the wider world and has experience as a working creative practitioner…. but, we have no preconceptions about the particular discipline you might work within.
The Curatorial Team
The four current members of the CT are in a transitional phase of exploring new roles and sustainable ways of working in our permanent headquarters, so this is a genuine chance to contribute to the future direction of The Stove, working in equal partnership.


Current Curatorial Team outline biographies etc

The CT works within the following guidelines that have been developed over the last several years of collaborating together:
With rare exceptions, all Stove projects are collaboratively developed and delivered. All Stove creative work is ‘owned’ by The Stove and not the individual. Different people will lead on different projects, different people contribute different specialities and talents, but overall, it is very important to us that we all have an equal voice. Ultimately, working together is immensely fulfilling, fun and exciting, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it like this.
The Stove Network is a Charity run by our Board of Directors who support the CT in realising their vision and employ an Operations Team to assist in the running of the organisation.

As a member of the Curatorial Team your basic commitment would be to attend a group meeting every fortnight, usually with an extensive agenda of current and future project commitments, plus additional admin and communications arising.

Project work

Most Stove projects are actively developed and delivered by CT members. Otherwise projects are proposed by external artists and curated and managed by members of the CT, with the proviso that they fit within the overall ethos and programme of The Stove Network. We offer numerous exciting opportunities and commissions, locally and nationally.
(See here for past projects)
Projects are funded and organised separately to the basic CT membership contract, relying on CT members to take an active leading role in developing and delivering them. This means not only the opportunities for additional remuneration, but also to expand your creative role.
We are looking for someone who shares our commitment to the importance of creativity for the wider world and has experience as a working creative practitioner…. but, we have no preconceptions about the particular discipline you might work within.

We are looking for:
• At least 3 years professional experience within your creative discipline
• The ability to work openly and with respect as part of a team
• The ability to work alone and with responsibility
• Experience of managing projects, budgets and other people
• The ability and willingness to work outside set hours
• Commitment to art practice within a public context
• Commitment to working in Dumfries

This is a four month contract: 8 days (2 days per calendar month) – a flat, all inclusive fee of £1000, including VAT, travel and communication costs. Additionally, working as part of the CT gives the opportunity to work on Stove Network projects – these are funded separately.

Deadline for applications
23 May 2015

Second week of June 2015 (approx)

Start of appointment

As soon as possible after selection (mid June)

To apply
If you feel that you would like to talk to someone in the CT before writing your letter please contact any or all of us through our page on the website:

Please supply:
• A covering letter detailing why you would like to become a member of the Curatorial Team, and what you feel you would offer
• An indication of your availability – when would you be able to start
• A full illustrated CV, including links to previous work
• Full contact details

Please send your application by email to: info<at> before 23 May 2015