The Projects Team

The Projects Team are people who are undertaking long-term commissions to work with the wider Stove Team on specific projects. Project-working is at the heart of how The Stove Network operates, typically projects grow over a long period of time and develop through partnerships with groups, individuals and agencies. Often they will begin as an exploration of an idea and grow into something much bigger that requires dedicated personnel to run it, we have a policy of recruiting both locally (to give experience and grow capacity) and nationally (to bring new skills and networks into the area).

Michael Moore – Creative Producer of Blueprint100
I work alongside the rest of Blueprint100’s curatorial team to make our projects and events as empowering and rewarding as possible. As creative producer I try to network with as many people and partner organisations as possible and ensure that our membership of emerging creatives and thinkers are able to access as many opportunities that are available to them.

Lee McQueen – Creative Development Worker for Lincluden and Lochside’s Creative Futures Project. Creative Futures is an exciting and innovative new project using creativity and local history to provide opportunities for people living within the Lochside & Lincluden areas of North West Dumfries to develop their skills, develop their local area, increase their opportunities, improve their quality of life, connect with one another, try out new experiences, and thrive as a community.