Operations Team

The Operations Team is employed by the Board to implement the artistic direction of the Curatorial Team. In addition to implementing artistic direction, the Operations Team leads on Finance & Fundraising, Administration, Marketing and Human Resources.

All Stove Network projects have a Lead Artist who is responsible for delivering individual projects for The Stove Network. Normally Lead Artists are members of the Curatorial Team, however this is not always the case and other people can be contracted by The Stove Network to lead on projects that have been approved by the Curatorial Team.

Matt Baker – Orchestrator (Definition: An artist in their own right in forming and guiding collective action with a recognised role/authority to do so)
In keeping with The Stove Network values of working collectively, the role of Orchestrator is about facilitation and creative working across The Stove Network. The Orchestrator does NOT manage the Curatorial Team – rather the Orchestrator is the means by which the Curatorial Team can collectively direct The Stove Network artistically. The Orchestrator is one of the key means by which the working of The Stove Network is transparent and inclusive for members, other stakeholders and the general public. The Orchestrator is:

  • a member of the Curatorial Team
  • responsible for embedding Stove Values throughout the operations of the organisation and implementation of projects
  • a central pivot in The Stove Network around which other elements move
  • a primary connector between The Stove Network and partners/stakeholders/members.

Ailsa Dickson – Operations Manager and Company Secretary
Working closely with the Orchestrator to ensure the smooth running of the organisation and to develop its future sustainability. Background in sculpture, boatbuilding, hardware, software and the creative industries. Moved to D&G to spend more time up hills, in forests and rivers, sharing moments of pure joy with non-verbal beings (e.g. dogs and chilled humans). Main responsibilities include:

  • Organisational Development & HR
  • Financial Management & Governance
  • Funding / Income Generation

Graham Rooney  – Projects Manager
Graham trained as a professional thermographer and has 20 years’ experience of running projects within the construction industry to reduce wasted energy from, and improve the energy efficiency of, public buildings and social housing. His work helped deliver cost savings that were then diverted back into households, communities and local services.

Graham is not an Artist but does have a creative side. He has used infrared camera technology to document the energy of people, places and things. He has collaborated with visual artists to produce works that have been exhibited at art festivals in Croatia and Scotland, and has had solo work shown in exhibitions including the 2017 Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts show.

My family and I have recently relocated to Dumfries from Glasgow, having deliberately chosen the town as the place where we wish to put our roots down. I have always been aware of the work and projects the Stove Network are involved in, and the organisation was one of the main reasons we made the decision to choose Dumfries as our home town. I have confidence in the power of people, community and change. I know from personal experience that through support, encouragement, empowerment and opportunity, everyone can realise their potential and value in society. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work as part of the team at the Stove Network, and am really looking forward to help make a positive contribution to the organisation, people, community and town in which I live.

Rob Henderson — Systems Administrator

Rob Henderson – Systems Administrator
Rob can be found in the Stove office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, dealing with enquiries and helping us maintain effective systems for event and project management. 

Sal Cuddihy – Events Facilitator
As well as sitting on the Stove’s curatorial team, Sal has taken over event management at 100 High Street, including room bookings and managing the AV facilities.

Kirstin McEwan – Marketing
Kirstin runs the marketing for the Stove, including press releases, press contacts and photography, as well as sign writing and producing black boards!

Ellen Mitchell – Graphic Designer
Ellen currently works with us one day a week, designing and producing marketing materials for our events. Ellen started the film programme at The Stove and continues to support these events.